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Shellholders Lyman

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Shellholder #1- FITS 5.6X50R MAG, .38/.357 MAG, .357 Remington MaximumShellholder #2- FITS .22/250, .244, 6MM REM, .25-06 REM, .250-3000 Savage, .260 REM, 6.5X57 ... Shellholder #1- FITS 5.6X50R MAG, .38/.357 MAG, .357 Remington MaximumShellholder #2- FITS .22/250, .244, 6MM REM, .25-06 REM, .250-3000 Savage, .260 REM, 6.5X57 ...

Shellholders Lyman.

Shellholder #1- FITS 5.6X50R MAG, .38/.357 MAG, .357 Remington Maximum

Shellholder #2- FITS .22/250, .244, 6MM REM, .25-06 REM, .250-3000 Savage, .260 REM, 6.5X57 Mauser, .270 WIN, 7MM/08 REM, 7X57 Mauser, 7X64 Brennekem .280 REM(7MM Express), .300 Savage .308 WIN, .30-06, 7.65 Argentine Mauser, 8X57 Mauser, 8X57 JS, 7.9X57, .35 REM, .358 REM, .35 Whelen, 9.3X62, .45 ACP, .45 WIN MAG,.475 Wildey.

Shellholder #3- FITS 7.62X39

Shellholder #4 - FITS .22 HORNET, 22 K-HORNET

Shellholder #5 - FITS 220 SWIFT, 225 WINCHESTER, 6.5MM JAPANESE

Shellholder #6- FITS 7-30 Waters, .30-30, .307 WIN .32 WIN Special, .356 WIN, .375 WIN

Shellholder #7- FITS .44 MAG, .44 Special, .44 Russian, .50 Action Express.

Shellholder #11- FITS .45 Colt, .454 Casull

Shellholder #12- FITS .30 Luger, .30 Mauser, .38 Super Auto, 9MM Luger, 9X23MM, 9MM Makarov, .41 Action Express.

Shellholder #13- FITS 7MM REM Mag, 7MM Weatherby MAG, 7MM STW, 7MM REM Ultra Mag, .300 WIN Mag,.300 REM Ultra Mag, .300 REM Ultra Mag SA, .300 Weatherby Mag, 8MM REM Mag, .338 WIN Mag, .338 REM Ultra Mag, .375 H&H Mag, .375 REM Ultra Mag, .450 Marlin

Shellholder #15- FITS 6.8MM REM, .40 S&W, 10MM

Shellholder #17 - FITS 45-70 GOVERNMENT, 416 RIGBY, 500 S&W

Shellholder #19 - FITS 30 CARBINE, 32 ACP

Shellholder #21- FITS .38 S&W

Shellholder #22 - FITS .50-70 Govt, .50-90, .56-50 Spencer

Shellholder #26- FITS .17 REM, 204 Ruger,.221 Fireball, .222 REM, .222 REM Mag, .223 REM,7MM TCU, .380 Auto.

Shellholder #27 - FITS 6.5X55MM SWEDISH MAUSER

Shellholder #34- FITS .223 WSM, 25 WSSM, .270WSSM, 300 WSM

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Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:022

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